supporting PYROTHEK

When I started PYROTHEK, it was planed as a small tool to compose some fireworks for the COBRA 18R2.
I was thinking about some friends and how they used MS Excell to do this - crazy!
After a while, so many people asked about new features and supporting new firmware ... so the project got serious.
From the first day until now - I had supporters - they helped me with ideas, testing and donations:

list of supporters
Mandy Maydorf

Janosch Bär
Ulrich Mohl
Gerald Makohoniuk
Sebastian Benz
Alexandra Müller
Frank Schulte
Mathias Wirsig
Alessandro Brum Nirino
Karsten Becker
Marcel Seifert
Nick James
Marcel Heidenreich
Peter Biehlau
FireIce Ltd.
Magnus Glumsø
Leuchtfeuer Garsky
Raphael Rühl
Frank Broughton
Jens Dietrich
  Daniel Klöster
Richard Frey
Alan Cain
Simon Clark
Sandro Westmüller
Hagen Berndt
Enrico Greber
Martin Klass
Christian Tannert
Marco Wieser
Stephan Stotz
Stucki AG Wil

Nico Radstedt
Bruce Neaton
Andy Peck
Wolfgang Reithofer
Michael Ueberbacher
Pontus Larsson
Stefan Gremel
Steven Oorschot
Erwin Baeck
Klaus Steger
Ivan White
Arno Ingenlath
Frank Thiemig
Klaus Bopp
Marcel Garcia
Norbert Kühn
Stefan Kluge
Matthias Harb
Pawel Stepien
Hans-Jürgen Kämpfer
Michael Smola
Philipp Schepmann
Manfred Forest
Jochen Kromayer
Christoph Walzer
Horst Müller
Eric Schneider
Martin Stedter
John Bathen
Frank Langen
Eric Farnsworth

Peter Stein
Stephen Hawkins
John Wilson
Michael Palazzi
Chris-Rainer Brose
Christian Metzger
Tim Folwerk
Jeremy Rogers
Andreas Brenn
Siegfried Bronner
Eemu Bertling
Daniela Kohl
Eric Fitzgerald
Alexander Stuntz
Jeffrey Stones
Dennis de Brujin
Niklas Fehde
Adrian Walz - specialeffects
Joachim Lauble
Tobias Götz
Miroslov Blazek
Jim Menshold
David Rosenbaum
Nathan Wenders
Christian Sibert
Norman Hickly
Franz Gerstenberger

...and so many more.

Please note - I'm happy about donations. BUT - if you send me $1 or $2 - just to use some additional features - keep your money, because I will send it back!