The app is developed with     ADOBE AIR.
There is a MS Windows version, which will work from     Windows XP (RIP) to Windows 10. Install ADOBE AIR (from to your     MAC and you can run PYROTHEK too. If you have a 10" or larger tablet - with a pen - you can request the     ANDROID version.
2.10 - latest

 DOWNLOAD   EXE Windows installer, latest version 2.10
 DOWNLOAD   MAC version, latest version 2.10
All files are checked for viruses. Clean! There is no hidden or unwanted software.

 DOWNLOAD   ZIP file (Windows executable just zipped)
 DOWNLOAD   PDF manual in English (1.7)
 DOWNLOAD   PDF manual in German/Deutsch (1.7)

 DOWNLOAD   just a demo script file
PYROTHEK is not a mainstream software and it has only some thousands of downloads - so maybe WINDOWS or your virus protection will warn you. It will warn you, because of an unknown software or unknown developer! It will not warn you, because of a virus or something like this! If you not sure about PYROTHEK or ADOBE AIR - do not install this software! You can use Facebook or other forums to get more information.