PYROTHEK is an easy to use editor - for creating scripts, used by popular firing systems. With a built-in database, it's easy to create large effect collections and saves time by using an effect several times. A cloud connection makes it easy to share databases.

But the best part of PYROTHEK is the timeline and it's functionality. There are main functions, you can find in many popular video or audio editing software. You can arange any item, can use a huge amount of tracks, sound files are placed as audiograph behind your timeline and everything is directly connected to a effect playlist.

Easy to use database with all necessary effect parameters. You can export and import databases to keep lists smaller.
The built-in label function provides a list of ready to use templates and predsigned labels. A template generator allwos creating additional label formats.
Visual overview above all effects - arranged in time, overlapping, placed and synchronized to audio. Every change in the playlist, is directly shown in the timeline and vice versa.
Script export
Export scripts for different firmware and firing systems, use all functionality of your firing system, build script collections in one file.
PDF export
Playlist, item list and connectiion list can be exported as PDF file and will help to set up all physical effects.
Device simulation
All used devices will be shown as graphic unit, with all connections and necessary set up values.